Solutions & Services

The Conformance Compliance Operating System® is a patent pending, best-in-class, Software as a Service (SaaS) tech stack featuring plug-and-play modules, open APIs and multilanguage capabilities: 

  • Data Lifecycle ToolKit – Automates management of all sensitive and non-sensitive data within business and retail environments
  • InConRadar – Continuously monitors merchant websites for card brand specified and other legally prohibited activities
  • PreComm ToolKit – Simplifies merchant risk evaluation and due diligence during underwriting and onboarding and regularly thereafter
  • TINMatch ToolKit – Eliminates the tedious effort of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) taxpayer identification number matching
  • QSA Services – Cost-effective Qualified Security Assessor and cybersecurity consulting services

A centralized dashboard enables banks and service providers to effectively assess and monitor risk and compliance while reducing the effort and complexity surrounding these tasks so they can make better, faster decisions about the SMBs in their portfolios to:

  • Reduce Risk
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Lower Costs
  • Generate Ongoing Revenue Streams

SMBs benefit through faster onboarding and access to services that are easy-to-use, saving time and money while alleviating significant operational headaches.

Custom ToolKits running on the Compliance Operating System can be developed to control virtually any business risk, compliance or policy adherence process.