Solutions & Services

The Conformance Compliance Operating System® is a patent pending, best-in-class, online software platform that facilitates the development and ongoing management of our proprietary sensitive data-related ToolKit solutions: 

  • Data Lifecycle ToolKit – Automates management of all sensitive and non-sensitive data within business and retail environments
  • InConRadar – Continuously monitors merchant websites for card brand specified prohibited activities
  • PreComm ToolKit – Simplifies merchant risk evaluation and due diligence before processing
  • TINMatch ToolKit – Eliminates the tedious effort of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) taxpayer identification number matching
  • QSA Services – Cost-effective Qualified Security Assessor and cybersecurity consulting services

Our ToolKits provide end-users with policies, training, issues identification and remediation, as well as continuous management of various business activities that have specific standards requirements, oversight, internal process controls and the need for company policies and procedures. End-users benefit by being able to quickly and easily assess, manage and control data and compliance risk points from a central operating platform.

Custom ToolKits running on the Compliance Operating System can be developed to control virtually any business compliance or policy adherence process.